AXT Art Workshops

To encourage enthusiasm towards the Arts, Communicare Trust collaborated with Fundação Oriente, Goa to have a series of workshops surrounding the life go Goan painter, Antonio Xavier Trindade.

You can learn more about him here.

The workshop is a fun way for students to learn about the artist and also a way for teachers and schools to encourage student’s interest in the field of Arts.

We started the Art Workshops in the year of 2015. We have successfully conducted over 60 workshops in different schools and homes in Goa.The workshop commences with a small presentation where the students are introduced to the artist and his life. It is then followed by various interactive games which help students to understand the types of colors, papers used, how to sketch portraits etc.

Ideally the workshop is conducted at the art gallery in Fontainhas, where his works were donated to via his daughter. However, we understand that not all schools are able to travel there. Hence, we started a travelling art gallery. The photos of the original paintings were laminated and taken to the schools. We like to take the same to the homes with whom we work closely.

Captured Moments

Take a peek inside our workshops