Viagem Oriental

Released: 20th September 2016

To remind the new generations in Goa and Macau of the culturally rich shared history and heritage, Communicare Trust held a photo contest.

The photos that entered the contest were then compiled into a book with articles written by a historian from Macau as well as one from Goa, who are well versed in the connected history of these two former  lusophone colonies.

“Viagem Oriental – Rediscovering Macau in Goa”, a photographic competition was held. The competition, saw Goan households across the state dust their treasures, for the exhibition and later the photographs went on to be featured in a coffee table book.  The winner of the photographic competition, John Lino won an all expense paid trip to Macau.    

Goa-Macau Relations

Macau and Goa share a history of over 500 years. It begins in 1557 with the establishment of Macau by the Portuguese, and the obligatory stop on the route for the Tract Ship who also became known as Macau Tract Ship. It was in the return trip to Japan that the ship was laden with gold, silk and porcelain.

Many of the old houses in Goa today contain Chinese porcelain considered exotic and valuable: vases, tea sets and various decorative plates line the walls of some houses. The flooring was also decorated with highly ornate mosaic designs made of china that broke during the trip from Macau to Goa. It was from these small pieces of colored porcelain that the artists created mosaics of peacocks, flowers, trees etc. It is said that in case there weren’t sufficient pieces of the colors required, they would purposely break some china in order to finish these intricate designs.

At the end of the 16th century these trips became extremely difficult due to competition from the Dutch, Spanish and English. But the legacy remained and it is this heritage that Communicare Trust reminded the new generation in Goa and Macau, through this photo contest.