Podcast 21


Podcasts are a simple and digestible media form, and it is extremely easy to multitask while listening to them. In our language podcasts, we will discuss  interesting facts about Languages and sometimes even Grammar.

Our usual podcasts are categorized into  3 levels: easy, medium and hard. This episode is easy.

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5 tips to learn a language.

Duration: 09:28


How many times did you try to learn Portuguese in the past and gave up after a month or two? In the beginning everything looks easy and then it starts getting complicated. I am going to give you 5 tips to learn a language  (same as subtitle), so that this year, your Portuguese learning or any other language will go by like a breeze. 

Hello and welcome back to TRAVEL AND LEARN – LEARN PORTUGUESE podcast. I am your host Nalini Elvino de Sousa. 

This podcast is specially designed for those learning Portuguese. 

Tell me: For how many months have you been learning Portuguese? A month? Two? Do you ever get that feeling that, ah…today I don’t have time. Tomorrow I will do double, or…after I finish this project, I am really going to dedicate myself to learning Portuguese, but that day never comes, does it? What if I tell you a way of doing it even while having the busiest month at work? And it just takes 5 simple steps. Make sure you stick around because at the end of this episode I’m also going to give you some fun games and videos to kickstart, re-start or continue learning Portuguese. This, I promise you, will make your language experience something fun and that you will look forward to.


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