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Podcasts are a simple and digestible media form, and it is extremely easy to multitask while listening to them. In our language podcasts, we will discuss  interesting facts about Languages and sometimes even Grammar.

In this podcast, host Nalini Elvino de Sousa discusses her music interests with professional singer and artist Maria Meireles. 


Nalini and Maria talk about music: their favourite singers, genres of music  and where they listen to music. You will also have an opportunity to listen to Maria sing.

Duration: 11:21


Nalini: Hello and welcome to Travel and Learn Goa. My name is Nalini Elvino de Sousa.

Travel and Learn is a podcast for travellers and language lovers. We have 2 different sections: one is travelling and the other is language.

In the language section we have 3 levels: easy, medium and hard. Today’s podcast level is easy and  it’s all about music.

After listening to dialogue I will ask you a few questions. Do write us back with the answers or your difficulties. Our email is: pm@ctngo.org

For this dialogue I decided to invite a good friend of mine who is a musician – Maria Meireles.

Olá Maria!

Maria: Olá! Como estás? 

Nalini: Bem obrigada. E Tu?

Maria: Também. Obrigada.


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