Podcast 10 (1)


Podcasts are a simple and digestible media form, and it is extremely easy to multitask while listening to them. In our language podcasts, we will discuss  interesting facts about Languages and sometimes even Grammar.

Our usual podcasts are categorized into  3 levels: easy, medium and hard. Today’s episode is Easy.


Marina and I discuss the several uses of “porquês” which sometimes might be confusing for
the students.
The way you write is very similar, but the way you pronounce each of them, it’s quite
different. Find out the differences.

Duration: 06:06


Nalini: Hello and welcome to Travel and Learn Goa. My name is Nalini Elvino de Sousa.

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This is podcast no. 11. Today’s podcast level is easy and Marina and I prepared a few

Dialogues for you to see the difference between porque, porquê, porque é que e o porquê.

So let’s start:

Diálogo 1

Marina: Porque é que não foste à festa da Rita ontem?

Nalini: Não fui porque estava doente.

Marina: Oh pá! Que pena. Foi tão giro!

Nalini: Pois, imagino.


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Do you know the difference between: porque é que, porque, o porquê, porquê?
Here is a fun exercise:

question, questions, man

Porque é que, porque, o porquê, porquê

Completa as frases com: Porque é que, porque, o porquê, porquê