We all have had a wish to learn a new language or even a “resolution”. Some of us actually pursue that and are able to spend some time and take up a course. Now finally we have completed that minimum basic course and manage to say a few sentences. Then we get back to our regular routine and its rests somewhere tucked in the corner of our mind, forgotten. Why? Because we don’t practice! The first thing we say when you ask us “ Will I be able to speak when we finish the course?”, we say “Of course! Only if you practise everyday”. We believe speaking a language is like riding a bicycle or learning to drive a car, you need to complete you “driving/riding hours” for a long long period of time to master it. Now comes your next question “But, nobody speaks this language in my family”. Here is where we bring to you our “Language Exchange Program”.

What it is?

Its your answer to the above question. We as a Language teaching Organisation maintain a database of people who speak various languages. People who want to learn, who want to teach or simply want to speak. Then we match data’s and find you the perfect match.

What you need?

You must have some background and basic knowledge of the language to be able to converse with you “Buddy”. You needn’t pay a substantial fee to join this program, spreading the love for languages is our goal and we pride ourselves on our affordability. A stable internet connection and the zoom app. But what you need the most is a commitment you make to your online buddy that you will show up every time that you have fixed the time with.  

How it works?

We provide you with a google form where you can mention the language you want to practise, the language you know, your suitable timings et al. We then look through our data base and find you a perfect match and set a meeting. You start your class and post that there will be no interfering or managing from our organisation. You communicate with you “Buddy” and continue the conversations .


If your buddy or you decide to cancel your meetings after a certain amount of time, your membership in the program still stays. However the fees are not refundable and we will connect you to the next suitable match that we find.

One-Time Fees – Rs.500