Collaborative Work


Over our many years of experience working with schools, colleges, teachers and students of all ages, Communicare Trust has created activities that can be done in any school or college. If you’d like to do one of our projects at your institution, please contact us.

Antonio Xavier Trindade

At Communicare Trust we love art. To spread the love of the Arts, in association with Fundação Oriente – Goa we started art workshops. The workshops revolve around Antonio Xavier Trindade, a Goan painter. The workshop is a fun way for students to learn about the artist and also a way for teachers and schools to encourage student’s interest in the field of Arts.

Waste Management

The well-being of our society is dependent on the improvement of issues such as garbage disposal and waste-management. Through our workshops, we seek to bring awareness to the gravity of the issue and teach different ways of tackling it by educating people on the topics of waste-management, waste-segregation, garbage disposal and recycling of garbage in a manner that is fun and entertaining.

Our primary audience is teachers and students, who we think play the most important role in shaping the future. Therefore our workshops are divided into two main categories, Waste Management Workshops for Teachers and Waste Management Workshops for Kids – Magic Box.

Waste Management for Teachers

These workshops are aimed at ‘teaching the teachers’. We believe this to be the most effective way to reach a larger number of students and their families. The teachers are taught various techniques to reuse, reduce and recycle in their schools, homes and communities as well as the different ways of dealing with dry waste.

Magic Box

The education of children plays an important part in shaping our future. Hence, we seek to educate them on matters such as garbage disposal and waste management so they know the right way of tacking such issues. We also actively seek to do these activities in rural areas so that we can further the growth of this mindset.

Mobile Library

In this project, Communicare Trust teams up with Fundação Oriente to deliver Portuguese books from Communicare’s very own library to different Higher Secondary Schools to support students who wouldn’t have access to such material otherwise. The books are delivered quarterly and then shuffled, making sure the book aren’t repeated until the next year.